Children's Miracle Ministry - Bringing Joy to Children in Hospitals

A public California non profit charity organization helping to bring smiles to hospitalized children.

Super Hero Visits to entertain hospitalized children across California

Our volunteers dress up as beloved super heroes to visit children in hospitals, bringing joy and laughter to their day. ATTENTION: Because of COVID-19, we are re-scheduling our hospital visits.

loma linda university children's hospital
loma linda university children's hospital

Heartfelt Gratitude from Little Heroes

Our treasured thank you letters from the brave children we visit serve as a testament to the profound impact our superhero visits have. These heartwarming messages of appreciation fuel our commitment to continue spreading hope and joy to children with catastrophic illnesses during their hospital stays.

cchildrens miracle ministry superhero characters
cchildrens miracle ministry superhero characters

A Diverse Ensemble of Superheroes and Characters to Inspire and Comfort

Iron Man · Spider Man · Batman · Captain America · Superman · Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse · Princess Elsa · Princess Aurora · Princess Jasmine · Princess Belle

Transforming Hospital Experiences

Our Mission

The Children’s Miracle Ministry is a California Non Profit, with volunteers and supporters from all walks of life. Our mission is to help alleviate the fear children with catastrophic illnesses experience while hospitalized through our super hero visits.

To take a quote from one of the many thank you letters we receive from hospital staff: “The hospital can be a stressful and scary place, and special events and visits like this help make the hospital more fun and less scary for our patients and families. Days after the visit, our patients were still talking about how much fun they had talking to Ironman and Princess Aurora.” - The Pediatric team of the Presbyterian Children Hospital in Van Nuys, CA.

Requesting a visit

Our volunteers are from all over the state, and we are ready to visit children hospitals in any part of California. To book a visit, please send us a short note to to coordinate a date. Thank you!

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